Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pictures SalinenCon 2009 VtES Tournament

Here are some of the pictures from the SalinenCon 2009 VtES Tournament that took place in Bad Nauheim, Germany on October 31st, 2009.

Left: Round 2 Table 1: Kathie, Merjin, Felix and Tobias (not in the picture) fighting for the game win.

Right: Round 2 Table 2: Nico, Kai, Ralf and Ralf (taking the picture)in the midst of the game.

Left: Final Table in Bad Nauheim with Kai, Merjin, Kathie, Felix and Ralf.

Right: Kai was playing an old, old school Malkavian Vote/Bleed deck

Left: Unmada was the only vampire Kathie had in play for a long time, and only after ousting Felix' deck, Lutz joined his company.

Right: The perceived table threat was Felix' Weenie Presence deck.

Left: Ralf's Followers of Set Bruise & Bleed deck did only go backwards due to lack of bleed bounce.
Right: This gave Merjin's Assamite Bleed deck a free ride, and he could built up easily while everyone pointed at Felix being the table threat.

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alex fnurp said...

The FoS bruise+bleed deck-picture had so much awesomeness crammed into the same photo:

- Akroma sleeves
- Bangh-nakk!
- Serpentis on Hadrian!