Friday, January 14, 2011

Origins, the NAC, and the VEKN as a "club"

To all Origins convention attendees:

Beginning in 2011, VTES players will now be able to purchase your Origins convention badge for the "club" price of $35 by May 31, and for $40 in June (which includes on-site registration). This price will be available -- hopefully -- starting on Monday, January 17th.

For all those who have already registered: you will receive a credit in your Origins account which can be used to purchase event tickets or be directly refunded to you. Please email me if you are one of these people so I can facilitate your credit.

I will be maintaining the "club list", and it currently includes the following players:
  • everyone who has played VTES at Origins in the past 11 years
  • everyone who I believe will play VTES at Origins, e.g. people who are on my Facebook page(s) for Origins or the NAC
I will be able to update the list at any time, and anyone who is a VTES player and wishes to attend VTES at Origins will be able to get onto the "club list" by contacting me:
  • via message from my Facebook Origins page
  • by emailing me directly at originsvtes /(at)/ gmail (/at/) com and asking to be put on the list
It will not include children, spouses, friends or relatives, unless they are playing in at least one VTES tournament.

Please sign up for my Facebook Origins page page and then select "Attending" on the "VTES North American Championship" event! Let's make this the largest NAC in history!

-- Kevin M., Prince of Las Vegas, Origins VTES Events Organizer

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