Tuesday, January 4, 2011

VtES Special Sale: The End of an Era

I am usually not making VtES advertisements, Lasombra's Fee Stake promotion being the notable exception) yet, but the following is a really good offer for (European) VtES players made by Walch & Nusser Game Distributors:
Most of you have probably already heard the sad news: On December 31st 2010, White Wolf has ceased production of V:TES. While death – and even the death of a gameline – is a tricky concept when it comes to the undead and while us V:TES supporters have survived the occasional phase of torpor, it’s probably best to face facts: There will be no new V:TES material for the foreseeable future.

And yet, there is absolutely no reason to hang our heads in frustration and shame. We should rather hope for the best - that V:TES will find a new cozy haven someplace else, and up till then, we better keep on playing – and close the gaps in our collections before the good old WW cards vanish into Golconda.

Therefore, there will be a special V:TES sale this year:

While stock lasts, we are going to offer
  • all booster displays for the price of 60 euros
  • and all starter displays for the price of 45 euros!
And remember: The more we all buy now, the better the chance that some publisher or other will decide that it is probably a very good idea to support the most enthusiastic of all TCG fan communities with some awesome new material!

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