Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poll: Deck of the Year 2010

After having presented twelve VtES decks of the month in the past year here's the poll for you to pick the Deck of the Year 2010 (see sidebar on the right). Please observe, that the initial choice of these decks were driven not by any wanna-be-objective-here motivation, but by my (likely flawed) preferences for originality of deck design, for audacity to play such a deck in a tournament environment or for the skill to pilot such a crappy deck to the tournament win (or final).

There is no actual prize support for this "award" other than your five minutes of fame.


Randy said...

2010 sure had a good picking of interesting decks!

Mohbobb said...

HUH, WHA?!? Your stated standards don't much match some of your choices by a long shot! What's "original, (audacious), or crappy" about Keeney's Tupdog deck? Tupdogs were one of the biggest broken archetypes in the game BEFORE they got the extra love from Heirs to the Blood, which I think most players assumed was meant for the standard Gargoyles. (One of my pet peeves aboutt HttB is that cards like As The Crow should have sported, "...except Tupdog" clauses.)

I'll certainly give Darby credit for recognizing and extracting maximum mileage out of a group of power cards when he sees them - but I would _not_ call that deck "audacious" or "crappy". Meh!

extrala said...

You stated exactly the reason why I choose Darby's deck. He was the first one to see the potential in new HttB cards for the Gargoyles decks (and the Tup Dog deck in particular) and win a tournament with deck enhanced by this cards. In this sense I find the deck original (and interesting) enough to choose it for the Deck of the Month.

Mohbobb said...

Well, OK - but I'm just pointing out that such a standard winds up sounding conterdictory to those you originally posted. When you talk about the "audicity to play such a deck in a tournament environment" or the "skills to pilot a crappy deck", I'm not expecting to see a deck that exploits a bunch of power cards maybe in a slightly new way. I'm expecting to see a deck that makes me ask, "Gosh, how did he manage to win with THAT pile of crap?!?"