Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deck of the Month: February 2011: Tremere/Tremere Antitribu Vote

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Tremere/Tremere Antitribu Vote" played by Marc Lussier. It is not the first kind of this type of deck, but it nicely shows that there are viable vote deck types beyond the usual mid-/big-cap Presence vote decks (i.e. Ventrue Lawfirm or Inner Circle Obf/Pre Vote decks) or the Breed & Boon kind of vote deck. The key vampire is Orlando Oriundus, of course, whose special ability compensates the lack of Presence vote push cards like Awe or Bewitching Oration. On the other hand, the crypt allows to incorporate more stealth cards (like Mirror Walk or Forgotten Labyrinth), making it more likely for political action to make to the actual referendum.

Another interesting thing to observe this month (and the last month) is the increase of Laibon based decks in the tournament winning deck archive. In fact, there were remarkable eight Laibon based tournament winning decks in January/February 2011, namely Junta II (Ishtarri Vote), Ishtarri No Ayo, Anger Management (Auspex/Potence Wall), 15 Wakes (Akunanse Toolbox), Junta (Ishtarri Vote), We Are the Land (Guhuri Breed & Boon), Ishtarri Vote, Abomboyzy (Akunanse Toolbox). I am only wondering if Brian Moritz' EC 2010 win with his 17 Wakes deck is responsible for this, or if there are other contributing factors.

Deck Name: Unwholesome Bond: Tremere/Tremere antitribu Vote
Author: Marc Lussier
Description: Unwholesome Bond: TempleCon
Warwick, Rhode Island
February 4th, 2011
20 players
2R + F

Crypt (Capacity min=7 max=11 avg=9.33; 12 cards)

2x Alonso Petrodon 10 for tha ANI DOM OBF POT Nosferatu:5
1x Gabrielle di Righetti 10 obf pot ANI AUS DOM THA Tremere:5
1x Graham Gottesman 7 obf pre tha DOM FOR Ventrue:5
2x Mistress Fanchon 11 AUS CEL DOM OBF THA VIC Tremere:4
1x Neferu 9 dom nec OBF PRE SER THA Follower of Set:4
4x Orlando Oriundus 9 obf AUS DOM THA !Tremere:4
1x Paul Cordwood 8 obf pre AUS DOM THA !Tremere:4

Library (80 cards)

Master (19 cards)
1x Blind Spot
1x Coven, The
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Information Highway
3x Obfuscate
3x Sudden Reversal
6x Villein

Action (5 cards)
1x Dominate Kine
4x Govern the Unaligned

Political Action (10 cards)
1x Anarchist Uprising
1x Ancilla Empowerment
2x Banishment
4x Kine Resources Contested
1x Neonate Breach
1x Reins of Power

Ally (1 cards)
1x Mylan Horseed (Goblin)

Action Modifier (24 cards)
3x Cloak the Gathering
2x Conditioning
1x Elder Impersonation
2x Faceless Night
1x Foreshadowing Destruction
4x Forgotten Labyrinth
2x Into Thin Air
3x Mirror Walk
3x Seduction
1x Spying Mission
2x Veil the Legions

Reaction (19 cards)
7x Deflection
1x Enhanced Senses
1x Eyes of Argus
3x Obedience
2x On the Qui Vive
1x Telepathic Misdirection
4x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combo (2 cards)
1x Murmur of the False Will
1x Swallowed by the Night


Brandonsantacruz said...

This is a really cool deck! Including Allonzo and Neferu is a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

With all my respects to the player,I don´t think this deck reserves to be deck of the month.
First the deck doesn´t involve new tech. It´s a stealth-vote&bleed like any other and has
Second deck size and card selection are "good"; but not "awesome". It can be improved.
Therefore if the deck doesn´t bring nothing new or is topclass made deck, why should be included on the list?
IMHO from the other choices, guruhi breed&boon for the originality and anger management for sound and solid deck construction could have been selected.

Mephistopheles said...

I agree with Anonymous. I think this deck is totally unimaginative and boring. Definitely way to dull to be deck of the month. No offence toward the player.

extrala said...

I stand by my choice .. I know it's not a new decktype, but I hadn't this type of deck as "Deck of the month in the past three years. And I think the decktype (Tremere/Tremere antitribu Vote (without Presence)) is very strong and deserves some recognition.

I was considering other decks as well. Already mentioned was the Guruhi Breed & Boon deck (and it was a close second), but I am still not convinced that the deck is actually that good. And speaking of sub-par cards, it contains multiple copies of Excellent Thirst and Earthfeeder .. But maybe I have to play the deck myself.

The other deck I was considering is the Dual Form/Golconda/Soul Gem deck posted by Robert Scythe in the newsgroup. That was a really cool/new concept .. but it has to prove it tournament worthiness. This one I will definitely try by myself soon.

Anonymous said...

This deck of TWDA list is the same concept and is better constructed.

Deck Name: Mistress Fanchion
Created By: Ferenc Vasadi "Frankie" / Norbert "Winnie" Bróda

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 33, Max: 44, Avg: 9,58)
4 Mistress Fanchion AUS CEL DOM OBF THA VIC 11 Tremere
2 Gabrielle di Righetti obf pot ANI AUS DOM THA 10 Tremere
1 Preston Varrick aus nec DOM OBF THA 7 Tremere
4 Orlando Oriundus obf AUS DOM THA 9 Tremere Antitribu
1 Paul Cordwood obf pre AUS DOM THA 8 Tremere Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (17 cards)
3 Villein
1 University Hunting Ground
1 Dark Influences
1 Monastery of Shadows
1 Pentex Subversion
1 Regent
1 Archon Investigation
1 Academic Hunting Ground
2 Wash
1 Secure Haven
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Giant`s Blood
1 Sudden Reversal

Action (11 cards)
1 Soul Decoration
2 Rutor`s Hand
8 Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier (20 cards)
3 Forgotten Labyrinth
3 Faceless Night
4 Lost in Crowds
3 Elder Impersonation
2 Mirror Walk
3 Crocodile`s Tongue
2 Conditioning

Political Action (15 cards)
1 Alastor
1 Anarchist Uprising
4 Banishment
4 Kine Resources Contested
1 Political Stranglehold
2 Neonate Breach
1 Ancient Influence
1 Reins of Power

Reaction (21 cards)
5 Obedience
1 Mental Maze
2 Telepathic Misdirection
3 On the Qui Vive
5 Deflection
3 Eyes of Argus
2 Eluding the Arms of Morpheus

Ally (1 cards)
1 Ponticulus

Equipment (2 cards)
1 Helicopter
1 Heart of Nizchetus

Event (1 cards)
1 Scourge of the Enochians

Combo (2 cards)
2 Swallowed by the Night

Jelsky said...

Test both decks in Holland!
The deck of the month wins.
80 cards, 7 Villein, 9 Deflection


90 cards, 3 (!) Villein, 7 Deflection

Maybe my point is: whether the deck is constructed well depends a great deal on the metagame..

Tina Bell said...

So, let me get this straight.
Here is a crypt in which every single vampire has thaumaturgy and it's not being used!? It's a Dominate/Obfuscate deck (I've never seen this combo work before) with three auspex cards thrown in, one of which is another bounce, and the 2 vampires that Brandon thought were a "cool touch" don't even have it. Why not just Lutz and Rafael to help keep vote-lock and bigger permanent bleed?

Tina Bell said...

Oh, I guess there were 3 Mirror Walks that I didn't see, but that's just more stealth that can be done with Obfuscate

Robert Scythe said...

What, no love for the Faerie Guardian just because I got some vamps with presence? Ah, shucks. But I broke in my eighth card to the TWDA (Faerie Wards)! Oh, well, Dennis's Giocanda deck timed out in the first round and got 4vp's in the second and came in at second seed for the final. I know that's not true proof but the deck can get shit done, requires some skills to play, though. Good luck if you try it out.

Dr.Mafrune said...

Dear Robert,

your deck is not posted on TWDA yet.
I think it undoubtely deserves to be nominated as deck of month.

Robert Scythe said...

Yeah, Jeff (The Lasombra) isn't due back home (in America, I think he's overseas or somewhere) until the 8th of this month and I don't expect him to update the TWDA until then. Notice how none of the properly posted TWD's have been entered for about 3 weeks. It'll get there, but Secret Library has been kept up to date and it shows my newest broken in TWDA card!