Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VtES History: H Stands for Hold

On the mailing list VTES-L, Ryan S. Dancey (then brand manager for VtES) wrote around February 2nd, 1998:
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H) Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Ah, letter H. For VtES fans, "H" might as well stand for "Hold" which is where VtES is in terms of future expansions. There is no chance for a VtES product in 1998, and virtually no chance for new VtES in 1999. We are, however, planning to get some better support for Vampire players in terms of Organized Play at cons this summer, and a better and more responsive internal team for answering rules questions.

As one of the most successful TCGs ever, Vampire has a special place in the hearts of many people here at WotC. While it is not a part of our current design plans, we do respect deeply the people who have invested in the game and continue to find it an enjoyable diversion. After three expansions and a reprint of the basic set (and the conversion of the backs of the cards, a conversion more painful than any other in TCG history...) the game has probably reached the end of its lifecycle here at WotC. However, we continue to monitor the market and to talk about the brand, and if the company makes the decision at some point to reawaken the beast, we'll ensure that you're the first people to know.
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Boris said...

The good news is: Ryan Dancey already failed to kill the game once :-P

On a side note: his linkedln profile shows he does not work for CCP anymore. Does anyone know about it?