Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VtES History: The Sabbat -- Back from the Grave this Fall

The Sabbat -- Back from the Grave this Fall
Standalone Expansion for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Trading Card Game Scheduled for Re-release on Halloween

October 9, 1997 (Renton, Wash.) -- Savage, ruthless and diabolical, Sabbat vampires have rejected the ancient laws of the undead for centuries. This Halloween, their immortal conflict with the Camarilla(TM) will be resurrected when Wizards of the Coast Inc. re-releases The Sabbat(TM) standalone expansion card set for its Vampire: The Eternal Struggle(TM) (V:TES) trading card game.

"Players waited two years for this expansion after V:TES was originally released in 1994," said Ryan Dancey, brand manager for the V:TES trading card game. "Our first print run of The Sabbat has sold out and there continues to be a high demand for this expansion."

Originally released last fall, The Sabbat expansion features two new vampire clans, the Lasombra(TM) and Tzimisce(TM), as well as new rules for voting and combat between the Camarilla and Sabbat vampires. This expansion can be played alone or with cards from the V:TES game, giving players the opportunity to create new Sabbat decks or enhance their existing V:TES decks.

The Sabbat are a malicious sect of vampires who have flouted the laws governing the undead by waging a war of blood and shadows against their enemies, the Kindred of the Camarilla. They revel in savagery and hold great contempt for humanity, believing mortals to be nothing more than cattle. Whereas the Camarilla govern their own with a genteel facade, the Sabbat rule with an iron fist, relying upon intimidation and violence to maintain control.

The Sabbat expansion consists of more than 400 cards, and is illustrated by such leading artists as John Bolton, Tim Bradstreet and Mike Dringenberg. It is sold in 28-card booster packs that retail for $3.95.

Wizards of the Coast is a leading developer and publisher of entertainment products, including the world's bestselling Magic: The Gathering. trading card game. Wizards of the Coast. subsidiaries include TSR Inc., creators of the popular Dungeons & Dragons. adventure game, and Five Rings Publishing Group Inc., best known for the Legend of the Five Rings. trading card game. Headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington, Wizards of the Coast has international offices in Antwerp, Paris and London.


wilsoros said...

Oh I remember those big fat packs between my fingers as I hungrily forced them open and got the goodies inside.

extrala said...

Unfortunately that was the time when my first playgroup abandoned the game (and I had very little money back then as student), so I only bought very few of those "fat packs". So few that I only played Tzimisce or Lasombra decks for the first time more than 7 years later. :(