Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bochum VtES League 2012: March 2nd

Here are the decks of the Bochum VtES League 2012 from the meeting on March 2nd, 2012 (the next prey is from top to bottom), with some quick remarks about the decks being played that evening.
  • Ralf -- Obf/For Bleed -- was able to setup quite nice, after buying two rounds time with Pentex Subversion on Lutz, bloating and bleeding consistently was able to oust Michael and then Markus in two turns. Then deck run out of gas (i.e. cards) ..

  • Michael -- Obf/Pre Bleed -- damaged Markus' pool significantly from the start with Raphael Catarari; but then lost him later on to an Archon Investigation. When he brought Raphael out again he was in ousting range of Ralf; lack of wake and bounce cards eventually killed him.

  • Markus -- Tremere antitribu/Tremere G2/3 Toolbox -- Markus was under pressure immediately and decided to influence only two Tremere antitribu weenies; couldn't stop all of Michael's bleed actions, and was down to 6 pool when Michael was ousted.

  • Sascha -- Malkavian G4/5 Bleed -- immediately got Lutz pentexed, and nobody was willing to remove it. So he took some heavy Dominate bleeds from Markus early on. After he influenced a second minion & playing Villein on Lutz for 5 or 6, he was back into business; did 4-6 pool damage each turn later on and ousted Ralf rather easily for the tie.

Result: Ralf 2 VP, Sascha 2 VP

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