Thursday, March 22, 2012

VtES EC Qualifier Support Kit 2012

I am not very much inclined to add some sort of advertisement on this blog, but have added the EC Qualifier Support Kit 2012 on their website on March 1st, which include a t-shirt (with the motive as shown here on the right side), a set of four different boosters and 20 promo cards. The set is designated for four players and come in 4 different variations (different sizes for the t-shirts from M to XXL).

Please be aware, that the package is available only to National Coordinators or ECQ organizers.

On a related note, they have also sponsored the prize support for the upcoming German ECQ 2012, which is a factory set of the Sabbat War rare cards.


Joscha said...

You should add that one only gets the shirt if he plans a tournament. So you can't buy the shirt for yourself.

martin said...

is there a card list of the sabbat war factory set?

Rudolf said...

@ martin: I assume that it is a set of all rare cards.