Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upcoming "Cause & Effect" special: An hour with the VEKN Chairman

Next week (March 13th, 2012), the VtES webshow "Cause & Effect" will have a special guest, the VEKN chairman Johannes Walch. So the talk on the show will go beyond the typical deck and strategy discussion and focus on the current (and future) state of the development process for the upcoming VtES set.
The two open letters concerning the Design Team & the development process of the next VtES card set, the original one by Jeff Kuta and the reply by the VEKN Inner Circle (as posted by Robyn Tatu), has (re-)started a discussion about the development process (and related issues) on VEKN.net. The hosts of Cause & Effect have invited Johannes Walch to talk on Cause & Effect in an effort to shed some light on the current situation and, in addition, what the Inner Circle does and what Johannes' role is in the Inner Circle.

Any question that you would like Johannes to answer can be asked in the announcement thread on VEKN.net or sent to "causeampersandeffect (/at/) gmail (/dot/) com". The hosts of the webshow will try to make sure that every question get asked to Johannes, but as you might imagine it depends on how many questions are stated.

The show will be broadcasted live (as usual) on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 20.00 o'clock (CET) and you will also be able to ask questions and follow-up questions at the end of the show. More information on Cause & Effect can also be found on their respective Facebook page.

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