Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Keepers of Tradition" Mishaps

A few (..cough) mishaps happened during the development & production of the new VtES expansion "Keepers of Tradition" (KoT). Looks as if White Wolf had a slight quality assurance problem with this expansion. In contrast the previous three expansions from "Sword of Caine" to "Twilight Rebellion" were almost error free.
  • Imprecise announcement
    The original announcement of KoT stated that the expansion will contain 20 new rare, uncommon and common cards each. In the end the count was 16 rare, 19 uncommon and 17 common cards.

  • Missing vampires
    Although fully designed the following three vampires didn't make it to final set, since all vampires cards slots were used. You can also see a picture of "Hiram 'Hide' DeVries" card on the White Wolf website for KoT. (Or maybe showing these vampires to the public is goody from LSJ)
    Osric Vladislav
    Clan: Malkavian
    Group: 5
    Capacity: 7
    Disciplines: AUS DEM OBF cel
    Camarilla: Osric may burn a location you control to get +1 stealth for the current action.

    Gwendolyn Fleming
    Clan: Toreador
    Group: 5
    Capacity: 6
    Disciplines: AUS PRE cel pro

    Hiram "Hide" DeVries
    Clan: Ventrue
    Group: 5
    Capacity: 3
    Disciplines: cel pre
    Camarilla: While Hiram is ready, any action to burn a location you control costs an additional blood.
  • Rulebook Misprint
    Instead of a new rulebook, the rulebook of "Lords of the Night" was shipped with "Keepers of Tradition" (except for the cover of the booklet). So the three rules changes posted on the KoT webpage are missing.

  • Card exchanges on printing sheets
    Instead of "Society Hunting Ground" (as a rare) the card "Society of Leopold" was put onto the printing sheet, so effectively "Society of Leopold" now is included twice (as rare and as uncommon) in KoT. The same fate hit an new, yet unkown card, giving "Ghoul Retainer" an unwelcome duplicate card (as rare and as uncommon).

  • Exchanged Artwork
    The "new" artwork of "Arcane Library" is actually the old artwork of "Powerbase: Berlin".

  • Card Errata
    Unfortunately the "Approximation of Loyalty" version released in "Keepers of Tradition" has a printing error. The requirement for using the card is still a vampire with a capacity of seven or more. LSJ has confirmed this in this Newsgroup Thread.
P.S.: No, I don't count the fact, that "Parity Shift", "Deflection" and "Govern the Unaligned" are not included in "Keepers of Tradition" as mishap. That was done deliberately, though I don't know the reasoning behind this decision.

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