Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Keepers of Tradition" Promo Cards

The pre-release pack for the new VtES expansion "Keepers of Tradition" contains four new promo cards. Here are the card texts of these cards:
House of Sorrow
Cardtype: Master
Cost: 1 pool
Master: unique location
Tap to untap any card you control that is not a minion. If you do so, neither that card nor this location untap as normal on your next untap phase.

Subdued by the Blood
Cardtype: Master
Master: out-of-turn. Trifle.
Play when a vampire diablerizes a vampires of more that twice his or her capacity (before the blood hunt referendum, if any). Usable on your own turn. Move the victim from the ash heap to his or her owner's ready region, any move all blood from the diablerist to him or her. Remove the diablerist from the game.

Two Wrongs
Cardtype: Master
Master: out-of-turn. Trifle.
Play when a minion controlled by a Methuselah other than your predator is bleeding you. That minion is now bleeding his or her prey. The next card that would change the target of this bleed is canceled as it is played.

Lay Low
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Cost: 1 blood
Requires an anarch.
Only usable when a blood hunt referendum passes and would burn this anarch. Move this anarch to the uncontrolled region (breaking any temporary control effects). Any cards and counters on this vampire remain with him or her (but are out of play as long as the vampire remains uncontrolled).


Anonymous said...

house of sorrow and gather are insane...


Öliver said...

with some good look we will get those missed vapires as promos ...and hey all those promos are awesome, sadly they didnt get here!:(