Monday, November 24, 2008

Sobriquets for a Heart

In the past two years I have heard quite a few nicknames for one of the most powerful cards in VtES, that is the Heart of Nizchetus. Here's a short list of names for this card and those who use it.
  • Heart of Nizchetus -- by those collecting cards.
  • Heart of Cheating -- by those realists.
  • Heart of Brokenness -- by those other realists.
  • The Heart -- by those of few words.
  • Heart of Nietzsche -- by those philosophers (courtesy of Orpheus).
  • Heart of Nitsch.. Nisht .. -- by those with spelling problems.
  • Heart of Ni#@!!§§$ -- by those hating it.
Any more suggestions by you, my dear readers and fellow players?


Anonymous said...

One of most popular here in Poland is Heart of Niblahblahblah

Joscha said...

Recently I heard Heart of Delaying at the German Masters :o).

Anonymous said...

In Spain sometimes is named

el corazon de aniceto

(the heard of aniceto)

extrala said...

Another input that reached me:
"Heart of Stalling" -- for the undecided.

Thanks Thomas!

Anonymous said...

David Tatu calls it "a pickled heart in a jar".

Blooded Sand said...

Heart of Nizzywhatsis