Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vampire Characters Wanted

LSJ , lead designer of Vampire the Eternal Struggle, has posted the following request in the old World of Darkness Forum on the White Wolf website:
I'm the designer for the old World of Darkness card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

I use canon characters from the RPG whereever possible, but sometimes the RPG source is rather thin. Ventrue are easy to come by, for example, but Ventrue antitribu are much rarer, and Nagaraja and Osebo rarer still.

I've used some characters from TT groups before (player characters or ST-made NPCs). And other times I just make up vampires from whole cloth, of course. But adapting "real" characters, including non-canon PC ones, seems more satisfying, both for me and for the game (I think).

So, if you have any characters that fit that description (i.e., that don't fit the mold of a legion of other characters from the source material), and you feel like taking the time to put together a source-material-like profile of your character (age, brief background, image (description, not picture), TT stats and attributes), I'd be happy to try to adapt some of them to the card game. No promises that every vampire submitted will get printed, of course.

Email submissions to me, not to this forum.

vtesrep .at.

So, if you have peculiar, intersting vampire character, here's a chance for publication, and even as VtES card.

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Manituan said...

I´ve already sent him my baali set. I hope he chooses some of my vampires. Greetings. Thanks extrala for the post.