Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deck of the Month: February 2009: Broken Brujahs

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Broken Brujahs" played by Martin Major. Basicially it is an "Alastor" deck, but has access to alternate damage sources ("Heroic Might" & "Preternatural Strength") and a strong bloat component with the 7 "Vessels" and the Dminitra's special ability.

Hungarian Mini ECQ
V:TES - Mini Qualifier
Kismaros, Hungary
February 21, 2009
25 players
3R + F

Martin Major's Tournament Winning Deck with 3 VPs in the finals

Deck Name: Broken Brujahs
Created By: Major "Mephistopheles" Martin
Description: Alastor based bruise and vote

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 14, Max: 36, Avg: 6,33)
4 Dmitra Ilyanova obf CEL FOR POT PRE 9 Brujah
2 Tara cel POT PRE 6 Brujah
2 Karen Suadela pre obf POT CEL pre obf 7 Brujah
1 Reginald Moore PRE 4 Brujah
1 Herbert Westin pot OBF PRE 5 Brujah
1 Garret pot pre 3 Brujah
1 Honest Abe pre 2 Brujah

Library: (90 cards)
Master (14 cards)
2 Monster
7 Vessel
1 Pentex Subversion
1 Fame
1 Carver`s Meat Packing and Storage
2 New Carthage

Action (10 cards)
4 Heroic Might
4 Preternatural Strength
2 Heart of the City

Action Modifier (15 cards)
5 Forced March
6 Bewitching Oration
4 Voter Captivation

Political Action (16 cards)
5 Parity Shift
5 Alastor
3 Anathema
3 Consanguineous Boon

Reaction (10 cards)
10 Second Tradition: Domain, The

Combat (18 cards)
5 Pursuit
5 Sideslip
8 Psyche!

Equipment (6 cards)
2 Helicopter
2 Assault Rifle
1 Sengir Dagger
1 Heart of Nizchetus

Event (1 cards)
1 Dragonbound


Anonymous said...

Wow, is it any shock that a deck that had a number of high value and high power rare cards came out on top? The cards making up the 10 actions are exceptionally rare and come out to be approximately USD210 on the secondary market. Throw in the Heart and you're looking at approximately USD230. This is definitely not a deck your average player can even hope to ever be able to build.

extrala said...

Yes, today and with that list the deck is expensive if you want/need to buy from the secondary market.

But there are two things to consider:
1. High priced cards often are reprinted, like "War Ghoul" or "Jake Washington". Unfortunately this hasn't been done (yet) to some of the cards in the list like "Heroic Might" or "Parity Shift". But this is a matter of time IMHO.
2. The deck can be cut down to 70 to 75 cards, removing some of the expensive copies, without making the deck any worse. Here's a 70 card version of deck (the only addition I made was adding four Ashur Tablets for recursion):
Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=2 max=9 avg=6.33)
4x Dmitra Ilyanova 9 obf CEL FOR POT PRE Brujah:5
1x Garret 3 pot pre Brujah:4
1x Herbert Westin 5 pot OBF PRE Brujah:4
1x Honest Abe 2 pre Brujah:5
2x Karen Suadela 7 obf pre CEL POT Brujah:5
1x Reginald Moore 4 PRE Brujah:4
2x Tara 6 cel POT PRE Brujah:5

Library (70 cards)
Master (14)
4x Ashur Tablets
1x Carver's Meat Packing and Storage
1x Fame
1x Monster
1x New Carthage
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
5x Vessel

Event (1)
1x Dragonbound

Action (7)
1x Heart of the City
4x Heroic Might
2x Preternatural Strength

Political Action (10)
3x Alastor
2x Anathema
2x Consanguineous Boon
3x Parity Shift

Equipment (5)
2x Assault Rifle
1x Heart of Nizchetus
1x Helicopter
1x Sengir Dagger

Action Modifier (11)
4x Bewitching Oration
4x Forced March
3x Voter Captivation

Reaction (7)
7x Second Tradition: Domain

Combat (15)
7x Psyche!
4x Pursuit
4x Sideslip

Anonymous said...

As the designer of the deck I have to admit, that I couldn't afford those cards either. Fortunately our playgroup is pretty big and I could borrow the cards I needed (3x Preternatural, 2x Heroic Might).