Friday, March 6, 2009

More info on the "Rise of the Imperator" Storyline Event

Faced with increasing threats from an anarch revolt, the deadly Sabbat, and their own internal strife, the Camarilla's Inner Circle has agreed to appoint a military commander – an Imperator. The new Imperator will have the mandate to enforce the traditions and maintain discipline among the Kindred, and be granted broad powers to fulfill this mission. Who among the clans will have to power to seize this exalted position? Who will have the strength to keep it?
Ben Swainbank, VtES Storyline Coordinator, has revealed the details of the upcoming 2009 Spring VtES Storyline "Rise of the Imperator". Both the full rules and introductory fiction now online as PDF files on the VtES storyline website:
This storyline event will take from April to June 2009. Earlier this week already information on the order form for the storyline event kit has been published.

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