Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deck of the Month: March 2009: Guillaume Powerbleed

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Guillaume Powerbleed" played by Tomasz Pietkiewicz. This month's competition was tough with Erik Torstensen's Malkavian Petra Resonance deck and Will Kristoff's Four Skills of Fury deck.

As Tomasz has noted this deck is a slight variation of Erik Torstensen's version. The deck is basically a powerbleed deck, whose minions can bleed for 6 pool damage per turn ("Govern the Unaligned" plus "Conditioning"). For lunging the deck can build the "perfect" hand with the help "Guillaume Giovanni's" special ability and a number of "Storage Annexes".

Czestochowa by Night
Czestochowa, Poland
March 21, 2009
23 players

Tomasz Pietkiewicz's Tournament Winning Deck

Deck Name: Guillaume Powerbleed
Description: This is a modified version of a deck designed by Erik Torstensson. Martinelli's Ring was a metagame choice (it appeared I predicted the metagame correctly, but the Ring was of no use during the tournament).

Crypt [12] (avg=6.8):
5 Guillaume Giovanni
2 Raphaela Giovanni
1 Don Michael Antonio Giovanni
1 Gualtiero Ghiberti
1 Prejudice
1 Primo Giovanni
1 Lia Milliner

Library [90]:
Master [37]:
1 Anarch Troublemaker
1 Blind Spot
1 Misdirection
1 Pentex Subversion
1 Dis Pater
1 Coven, The
1 Giant's Blood
1 Insurance Scam
2 Vessel
1 Barrens, The
1 Powerbase: Los Angeles
1 Metro Underground
1 Dummy Corporation
1 Filchware's Pawn Shop
1 Information Highway
1 Powerbase: Cape Verde
1 Therbold Realty
8 Storage Annex
1 Morgue Hunting Ground
1 Monastery of Shadows
3 Secure Haven
6 Parthenon, The

Action [11]:
1 Dominate Kine
10 Govern the Unaligned

Equipment [2]:
1 Martinelli's Ring
1 Palatial Estate

Action Modifier [24]:
7 Call of the Hungry Dead
7 Seduction
5 Conditioning
3 Spectral Divination
2 Shroud of Absence

Combat [6]:
6 Spiritual Intervention

Reaction [9]:
8 Deflection
1 Obedience

Event [1]:
1 Anthelios, The Red Star


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Make your Baron Windham deck a TWD, and I'll post it immediately as Deck of the Month April!

Joscha said...

I'll try ;o).

But why didn't you choose one of the other two decks? I just don't care for another powerbleed deck, as everybody knows about the might of Dominate. The other two decks are much more genuine and stuffed with kind of new ideas, you know. That's what makes a deck a deck of the month in my book (on the other hand this blog is YOUR book of course :o) ).