Thursday, March 12, 2009

French VtES Draft Championship 2009

This year's French VtES Draft Championship is organised by the "Sabbat In France" team, and will be held in Lille, France on Sunday 12th of April 2009, during the "Les Croisades d'Unnord" exhibition (for any extra information, follow the link:

With Eurodraft's rousing success, we're setting a bigger challenge, and, for 20 euros, we offer a 10-booster draft (5 Third Edition and 5 Keepers of Tradition). The price includes entrance fees to the whole event.

Yep, the one thing you have to do is book a ticket to Lille - Eurostar is perfect for that. There'll be a free dormitory (bring your sleeping bags), with showers, but feel free to go to a hotel.

Sabbat In France is not only organising the French Draft Championship, we're also making those days a true Shti week-end !
  • Saturday 11/04/09 - Welcome Day
    • Morning : come and visit the exhibition and meet SIF team in the flesh.
    • About 2:00 pm, we'll start moving to some folk pubs and estaminets in Lille, playing Double Duffin Draft for the most addicted!

  • Sunday 12/04/09 - French Draft Championship
    • Become France Champion in a day!
    • Registration from 10:30 am to 11:00 am
    • Results from this tournament will be included in the Rowan Ring Tour.

  • Monday 13/04/09 - Storyline Du Nord
    • Vlad, our Alastor for Lille's region, will organise a Storyline tournament - more info to come.

For any further information, registration, or anything else, please ask over here: Sabbat In France

The Sabbat In France team.

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