Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Next VtES Expansion: "Ebony Kingdom"

Though not officially announced, the next VtES expansion will be "Ebony Kingdom" according to new White Wolf blog (see also post below) . So the expansion will contain new cards for the four Laibon clans, and if this expansion follows the same pattern as in the previous years, it's going to be a 60-card mini-expansion. With 20 new vampires there would be 5 new vampires for the 4 Laibon clans, Akunanse, Guruhi, Ishtarri & Obsebo.

The actual release date is not yet officially determined, but Potomac Distribution (an online CCG shop) hints that it's going to be at the end of Q2/2009.

(Please take note, that this post does not have a "Humor " tag attached.)

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