Monday, March 23, 2009

Next VtES Expansion "Ebony Kingdom"(Update)

More information about the next VtES expansion "Ebony Kingdom" is coming up on the internet.
Blood of Africa!

Some stand outside the Thirteen, ancients who adhere to even older traditions. They are the Laibon, the vampires born in the heart of Africa, inheritors of secrets unknown to Camarilla or Sabbat. They too have joined the Eternal Struggle — and they intend to thrive there.
Various online shops show more details of the expansion, e.g. Fantasiapelit (Finland) and Walch & Nusser (Germany). As expected the new expansion is a mini-expansion with 60 new cards, that is 20 new rares, 20 new vampires and 20 new common cards. The pre-release kit seems to consists of two "Ebony Kingdom" booster display, two "Legacies of Blood" starter displays and 40 promo cards (TBD) . The release date though is still unconfirmed, the White Wolf release schedule lists shows a range of April to June 2009, while Walch & Nusser show a release date of May 13th, 2009.

In addition, White Wolf is going to release a VtES Draft Kit (for 8 or more players). The draft kit will be released in April 1st, 2009 (no joke!) and will contain:
  • 1 VTES Lords of the Night Booster Display
  • 1 VTES 3rd Ed Booster Display
  • 1 VTES Kindred Most Wanted Booster Display
  • 1 VTES Sword of Caine Booster Display
  • 8 VTES Promo: Rubicon
  • 8 VTES Promo: Fourth Cycle
  • 8 VTES Promo: Rogue
  • 8 VTES Promo: Marrakesh Codex

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