Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aftermath of the "Rise of the Imperator" Storyline Event

(c) by White WolfBen Swainbank, V:tES Storyline Coordinator, has released information on the aftermatch story of the "Rise of the Imperator" storyline. As reported earlier Karsh has been chosen the Imperator of the Camarilla, while Count Germaine was a close second.
Faced with increasing threats from an anarch revolt, the deadly Sabbat, and their own internal strife, the Camarilla's Inner Circle agreed to appoint a military commander – an Imperator. The Imperator will lead the armies of the Camarilla, be entrusted to defend them, and maintain the traditions that protect them.

Around the world, clan elders and their masters maneuvered to place one of their own in the seat of power. Finally, the clans united behind a champion. Can he be trusted with this power? Has the Camarilla averted a catastrophe or invited one?
You can find the complete Rise of the Imperator aftermath story on the VtES Storyline Event website.

So let the next storyline begin ..

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