Friday, July 10, 2009

VtES Storyline: "Rise of the Imperator" Statistics

After the VtES Storyline event Rise of the Imperator has come to an end on June 30th, 2009, I have I compiled some statistics how the different clans scored, and how their results were on the different continents. The Gangrel were quite popular in North & South America and Asia, while the Brujah had their strongest base in Australia and Europe.

Left: Total score (including the Gangrel stand-in). Gangrel and Brujah together have 50% of the votes, while the rest of the clans are trailing far behind.

Right: Same as above with the Gangrel wins replaced by the actual winning clan.

In this hypthetical statistic, the Brujah have lead of 8% on the Malkavians.

Left: In North America the Gangrel dominated the Storyline, while the Brujah came in only on a shared 4th place. The Ventrue came in second, and the Malkavian third.

The weakness of the Brujah in North America sealed their fate in the second place.

Right: The score in Europe showed a a very strong standing for the Brujah, with the Gangrel trailing not to far behind.


Anonymous said...

By Gangrel you mean Karsh?

extrala said...

Yes, Karsh as representative for the clan Gangrel.

Ben Swainbank said...

Thanks for crunching the numbers. Fun stuff.

-Ben Swainbank