Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post-EC News on the VEKN

During the VtES EC 2010 in Paris, France there was a meeting of the national coordinators and other volunteers regarding the future and the direction of the Vampire Elder Kindred Network (VEKN), the VtES Players' Organization. With White Wolf/CCP stopping the production of VtES in September 2010, the VEKN will step up and become more active and visible than before.

Official information on the results of the meeting will be provided soon, but preliminary (and unofficial) information as given by Johannes Walch and Oscar Garza during the EC as well as information in the Spanish VtES forum are as follows:
  • Election of new board (or Inner Circle) of the VEKN:
    • Chairman: Johannes Walch
    • Rules Coordinator: L. Scott Johnson
    • Liaison CCP/WW: Oscar Garza
    • Ranking Coordinator: Robyn Tatu
    • Storyline Event Coordinator: Eric Chiang
    • New VEKN website Coordinator: Ginés Quiñonero
    • Marketing Coordinator: N.N.

  • There will be a European and North American Championship in 2011. The NAC 2011 will be held during the Origins Convention in Columbus, Ohio. The exact place and date for the EC 2011 is not finalized. Candidates cities for the EC 2011 are Manchester, UK and Warsaw, Poland. The final decision on this will be in the November/December 2010 time frame.

  • As of January 1st, 2011, the mini-qualifiers cease to exist, and the winner of any tournament of 10 players (or more) will qualify for the continental championships.

  • There will be prize support for tournaments for the next two years.

  • There will be a new central website for VtES. The site will not only host vital information on VtES and VEKN, tournament rules, forums, etc., but also the new rating website. The new rating website will make it much easier to upload tournament results and correct of errors (e.g. wrong names or VEKN number). The designated launch date for this website is the end of 2010 (at latest).
Please take note of (and participate in) the surveys started by the Eric Chiang (Storyline Event Coordinator) on possible contents of Storyline Kits and on promo cards most wanted by players.


mattgreen said...

"The designated launch date for this website is the end of 2011 (at latest)."

Far too late IMO. We need something before then.

extrala said...

My mistake (again) .. what I meant to say was that the target date is the end of 2010.

Joscha said...

Good people in the right places. I'm glad to see the future of the game in the hands of those persons.

Brandonsantacruz said...

I'm very pleased to see that the winner of regular tournaments will be qualified now.

Juggernaut1981 said...

Thanks for the excellent rumours!
I'd be keen to see more details about the 10-player tournament qualification rules... but otherwise this is looking promising!