Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poll Results: "Which city should host the VtES EC 2011"

Here are the results of the latest poll which city the readers of this blog would prefer for the upcoming VtES European Championship 2011. 467 readers of this blog have voted in this poll:
  • Manchester, UK -- 127 (27%)
  • Warsaw, Poland -- 275 (58%)
  • No preference. -- 12 (2%)
  • Somewhere else. -- 28 (5%)
  • I won't go anyhow. -- 25 (5%)
A whooping majority for Warsaw with more than double the votes as for Manchester. Please take this poll with a grain of salt. It's informal, it's non-representative and it's not too hard to "cheat" if you really want. One fact that makes me a bit queasy is that the number of readers participating is more than 100 persons higher than any poll here before ..

Now let's see, how the VEKN decides where the next EC is going to be hosted. Rumor has it, the results of the VEKN deliberations will be announced on November 20th, 2010.

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