Monday, November 22, 2010

Trends during the VtES European Championship 2010

During the VtES European Championship 2010 (and later when looking at the decklists) there were quite some interesting trends to notice:
  • Bleed or vote decks with midcap (or larger vampires) beginning to pack events that hose weenies beyond Scourge of Enochians. Specifically for the bleed decks this seems to target Weenie Auspex or Weenie Animalism decks, since they tend to play 3 to 5 capacity vampires, which can be hit with events like Nightmare upon Nightmares and Thirst. See these decks as examples: Mr. Mojo Rising, Lasombra G4/5 Black Hand Nocturn or Stanislava & Friends PRO/DOM Vote/Bleed.

  • Baali have shown a very strong presence in the tournaments. Not only the Cybele (in its various incarnations) deck, but also Baali bleed decks like Nergal Powerbleed or "simple" Baali Pre/Obf Bleed decks, and vote decks with Arisat and Annazir were seen quite often. One of the major reason for the rise of the Baali decks is that the new Baali vampires (from the Heirs to the Blood expansion) are really good, and Tend the Flock together with Villein is a powerful combination for compensating for the infernal penalty.

  • Although Dark Influences was released two years ago (with the Keepers of Tradition expansion), it hadn't seen that much during the EC 2009. This year it was quite different. Dark Influences was all over the place, with many tables having an Dark Influences in play. The reason? My guess is, that players especially with aggressive decks or relying on certain key actions (for example the Nergal Decks) pack this card, to prevent from being preventing getting a VP by last second Direct Intervention.

  • Rush decks suck at big tournaments, big time. For example, a very large number of rush decks in the FCQ ended up in the bottom third of the field (100th place+). The reason for that, I guess in most games players tend to gang up on the few rush decks, being ousted crosstable or backwards playing these decks is often seen.


Mephistopheles said...

I've noticed another trend: there are more and more TWD without bleed bounce. Like those Akunanse deck who won 2 tournaments. Or Csaba's deck, which is stealth bleed, but plays without bleed bounce. I am very happy to see this. I might not be the onlay person in this wolrd who thinks that bleed bounce is totally overrated.

Izaak said...

Another trend that I noticed is that people play a lot more Suddens these days. Wash still sees play, but Sudden seems to be the superior (or preferred?) choice.

That's of course a totally logical consequence of Villein combo's being so strong. Sudden really hoses decks that rely on Villein's trifleness (which is like, a LOT of decks) and prevents their poolrecovery in the process.