Sunday, November 28, 2010

VEKN Announces New Director of Marketing

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Player's Organization Appoints Robert Goudie to Administrative Board Position

LOS ANGELES, CA - November 20th, 2010 -- Johannes Walch, Chairman of the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network, and the organization's National Coordinators have approved the appointment of Robert Goudie to the V:EKN Administrative Board. Mr. Goudie will serve in the role of Director of Marketing and is charged with keeping existing V:TES players informed and engaged while also endeavoring to attract new players.

Robert Goudie is a former Chairman of the V:EKN and Developer of the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Players Guide. He has been credited as a developer on several V:TES expansions and has designed V:TES events including the Prophecies League and the Nergal and Eye of Hazimel storylines.

The V:EKN organization is undergoing a revitalization in response to the news that CCP would cease publication of new V:TES expansions. The filling-out of the Administrative Board is an important step by the V:EKN in its effort to support organized play around the world. The V:EKN is in the midst of creating a new website which it expects to launch at the end of the year.

About Vampire: Elder Kindred Network

Founded in 1997, the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network is the official Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Players' Organization dedicated to the continued health of V:TES. The V:EKN endeavors to help the game grow in popularity through the embracing of new players as well as through the support of the existing fans.

About Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a Deckmaster™ trading card game set in White Wolf’s popular World of Darkness. Created in 1994 by Richard Garfield as the follow-up to his groundbreaking Magic: The Gathering trading card game, V:TES is one of the most enduring games in the genre with fans and organized play events in countries across the globe.

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Robert Goudie
Director of Marketing
Vampire: Elder Kindred Network
Marketing (/at/) VampireTheEternalStruggle (/dot/) com

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