Thursday, May 19, 2011

Announcement Italian EC Qualifier 2011

On June 19th, 2011 the Italian VtES EC Qualifier 2011 will be held in Bologna, Italy. The details for this event are the following:
  • Date: Sunday June 19th
  • Location:
    Dragon 2
    Via del Borgo di San Pietro 99/N
    Bologna, Italy
  • Timeline:
    • Registration: 9:30
    • Starting Time: 10:30
    • Expected Finishing Time: 20:30

  • Registration Fee: 10€
  • Format: Standard Constructed, 3 rounds + final
  • Time Limit: 2 hours
  • Website: Italian Qualifier 2011 website
  • Prize Support:

    • Door Prizes: Each participant will receive 2 booster packs and a promo card. Each GW scored will grant you another booster pack.
    • Finalist Prizes: Booster packs, special cards and special finalist prize
    • Winner Prizes: Booster box, winner trophy and 120€ reimbursement to attend the EC in Warsaw.

  • Remarks: You can contact the organizers anytime for any information on how to reach Bologna or accommodation. You can also check the Italian Forum (it's in Italian, but if questions asked are in English they'll be answered in English as well).

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