Tuesday, May 10, 2011

VtES Trifles (Part 2): Camille Devereux, the Raven

This is the story of how Camille Devereux, the Raven became to be ..

Once upon a time, in the first VtES base set (first named Jyhad in 1994) a Gangrel vampire named Camille Devereux was included. Unfortunately the artist had used a photo of the model Stephanie Seymour as reference for his painting (to say the least), but without having asked for the permission to use the photo as such. So in the re-release of the first base set in 1995, called Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, Camille Devereux was excluded. To fill the gap, the same artist made a new portrait and Wizards of the Coast (then publisher of VtES) released the Gangrel Raven who was identical to Camille Devereux except for the name.

Until the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition (in 2004), it was even legal to have both Raven and Camille Devereux in your crypt. With the 10th Anniversary Edition a third card was released with the same characteristics as Raven/Camille Devereux, but with the name Camille Devereux, The Raven, and a new rule was added that the three aforementioned vampires now are assumed to be identical. That is, from these point on the three vampires contest each other as if they were the same vampire.

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