Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bochum VtES League 2011: May 6th

Here are the decks of the Bochum VtES League 2011 from the meeting on May 6th, 2011 (the next prey is from top to bottom). This time we had some visitors from Gelsenkirchen, Thomas and Martin, and Martin was even so gracious to skip the first round, so we could play a five player table (and a second round).

Right: As one of the guest players, Thomas played a Speed Shamblers deck, but after he played his first Shambling Horde, it was immediately stolen by Ralf. This stopped Thomas cold since he suffered greatly from not getting another Shambling Hordes in his hand for a long time, but since he sat on large sack of pool, he was nowhere near being ousted. In mid-game he managed to land a sucker punch when his prey overextended and ousted Michael.

Right: Michael played a Huitzilopochtli Shatter the Gates deck with a very wallish approach. His game looked great, when he had equipped Aisling with a Bowl of Convergence and Martin Franckel with a Sniper Rifle, while Huitzilopochtli already had played two Shatter the Gates. But then he overextended a bit too much and tapped out (not counting Martin Franckel), when blocking the Malkavians (the only vampires at the table being able to do so) trying to remove one of the Shatter the Gates. In hindsight he should have let go that one Shatter the Gates and wait for the next ones to come into his hand.

Right: Sascha switched from playing his Malkavian G4/5 Dementation S&B deck to his Malkavian G1/2 Dominate S&B deck. What a difference .. while he sometimes struggles with the first deck, his Dominate deck went through the table like a hot knife through butter. Even though Ralf managed to put down effectively two of the vampires with a Spirit Marionette and an attacking Shambling Hordes, he managed to oust first Hardy and then Ralf and finally Thomas quite quickly.

Right: For the deck Hardy played you usually need a wide angle lens for the camera to capture all of his minions on a picture. He used a Toreador antitribu Black Hand Bleed/Vote deck, but suffered tremendously from the vote lock his predator (Sascha) had. He came somewhat back into the game, when first a Watchtower: Wolves Feed and a Palla Grande showed up, and later when he was able to pass a few votes when a Foundation Exhibit entered play. But he was not fast enough to oust his prey, or compensate the pool loss inflicted by the Dominate bleeds.

Right: Ralf played Spirit Marionette deck feat. Eurayle with some Anarch tech, but he simply forgot about the importance of that angle for his deck, and therefore didn't have an Anarch for most of the game. Ralf managed to steal a Shambling Horde very early in the game and to drain off blood both his prey and predator's minions via Spirit Marionette, but couldn't put enough pressure on his prey for most of the game in order to oust him.

Result: Sascha 1 GW 4 VP, Thomas 1 VP


Azrael said...

Huitzilopochtli not Nergal

extrala said...

Argh, those big cap Baali all look alike to me! ;)

Ishvalan said...

Ralf, I really enjoy your reports when you take pics of the games, keep doing it pls :)

extrala said...

Thanks! This kind of positive feedback is always appreciated (and one of the reason why I am blogging this).