Friday, May 6, 2011

VtES History: White Wolf Announces VTES - Bloodlines

White Wolf Announces Vampire: The Eternal Struggle - Bloodlines

ATLANTA, Ga. -- White Wolf announces the December 2001 release of Bloodlines for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle card game. Vampire: The Eternal Struggle charted in the top ten card games in Comics & Games Retailer, April 2001.

"Bloodlines will follow [June 2001's] Final Nights and become the third expansion from White Wolf for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle," said White Wolf President Steve Wieck.

The Bloodlines expansion features over 120 original cards adding new powers and deckbuilding strategies to V:tES. It reveals vampires never before seen in a card game - including the popular Baali, Gargoyles and True Brujah..

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle fans throughout the world lauded the return of their favorite card game in October 2000 when Sabbat War marked the first release since 1996. Sabbat War has since sold through two entire print runs.

Look for Final Nights in stores now and Bloodlines in December 2001. Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Sabbat War is available in limited quantities through some distributors and retail outlets.

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