Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barbed Wire Project

The Barbed Wire Project (BWP) was an initiative started by Preston Poulter in 2005 to provide beginners with a number of decks which are somewhat cheap (consisting mostly commons), but still playable and sturdy. The name Barbed Wire Project derived from an early advertising slogan for barbed wire in the late 19th century, which cited as barbed wire as
"Light as air.
Stronger than whiskey.
Cheaper than dirt.
With the help of the community on VtES Newsgroup he came up a number of (more or less) ingenious decks. From time to time Preston sold (and still) sells these decks on eBay. The deck consist of 60 library and 12 crypt cards, examples look like this:
Please take that there no definitive deck lists for each of these decks, since they can vary in the crypt and/or library composition.
Preston also has made some nice videos (although the sound is awfully silent) on YouTube where he's playing some of these decks against each other:
Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup

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