Friday, June 3, 2011

Results French EC Qualifier (North) 2011

On May 28th, 2011 the first VtES French EC Qualifier was held in Paris, France with 22 players attending the qualifier tournament. The final standings after 3 rounds and the final were as follows:
1. Timothée Daudé (FRA) -- 1 GW 7 VP -- Kiasyd Stealth Bleed
2. Pierre Tran Van (FRA) -- 2 GW 7 VP -- Toreador Triple-A
2. Arnaud Baigts (FRA) -- 2 GW 5 VP -- Unnamed/Great Beast Shatter the Gates
2. Mathieu Subra (FRA) -- 1 GW 5 VP -- Followers of Set Temptation
2. Dean Garratt (SUI) -- 1 GW 5 VP -- Brujah G4/5 Toolbox?
Congratulations to Timotée for winning the French ECQ (North) 2011. You can find the tournament winning deck and the final standings on VEKN France.

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This is Dean GARRATT.

Just wanted to let you know that i live in switzerland (CH) and am Swiss. If you could please change the nationality (CH) to reflect that, it would be very much appreciated.