Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011: June 8th

Here I wanted to show you the decks of the Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011 from the meeting on June 8th, 2011. For another time we had a visitor (Martin V.) from Slovakia, who's currently staying in Germany because of his job ..
This time we had a 6 player table, so the time-limit was set to 2.5 hours.
  • Thomas (as last week) tried to win the game with an Aabbt Kindred Anarch Vote deck. Despite having a Protected Resources in play, his situation was hopeless most of the time, especially when an Inner Circle member (Arika) and a Priscus (Omme Enberbenight) showed up in his predators and respectively prey's ready region. Unable to pass any damaging vote, he refrained to bloat with Mesu Bedshet and Consanguineous Boon (passed with the help of everybody but his predator). But despite his efforts he ousted himself, when the table (in fact, Didi) denied him another Consanguineous Boon. I don't think it would have made such a big difference, because there were already four big vampires (Ventrue) sitting in his back, threatening to oust at any subsequent turn.
  • After quite some time Zille decided to play his Kiasyd G5/6 Stealth Bleed deck again. Since he was quite save from the Aabt Kindred beside him, he was able to focus his actions on his prey quite quickly, and soon put Didi under pressure, but held back his bleeds, since he was afraid of bleeds being redirected to his grandprey (Ralf). When Zille eventually contested Isanwayen with Didi, he began putting Didi under real pressure, and after very few turns he managed to oust Didi.
  • Didi (back to Gelsenkirchen a quite some time) played a Kiasyd Toolbox deck with strong wallish angle, unfortunately build on the same group(s) as his predator. In the beginning, he tried to build up but was hindered by Ralf's Garou blocking equip actions and attacking Pherydima. After his third vampire, Isanwayen, was contested he was really close to being ousted for some turns, but with the help of Pherydima's special he held out courageously. But eventually he was ousted not at least because he didn't draw a single untap/wake-type card in the whole game.
  • A classic Renegade Garou rush combat deck (based on the group4/5 Gangrel was Ralf's choice for the game. Initially with two Renegade Garous and with the help of a Mr. Wintrop and The Unmasking he was able to hold off Didi. He then turned to prey, put a famed Gloria Giovanni into torpor twice, but wasn't able to go forward full throttle, since a lone Shambling Horde was protecting his prey effectively. After Didi got ousted, things started to look very grim. Zille managed to steal a Renegade Garou with Far Mastery, and ousted him within two turns. because he had no more reason to hold back and with the necessary stealth at his hand The Unmasking was no longer a problem.
  • A Samedi/Giovanni Reanimated Corpse/Shambling Hordes deck was played by Martin E. Although it looked good initially for Martin, when recruited a Shambling Horde and a Reanimated Corpse, Martin was never able to put significant pressure on his prey. This was mostly because his prey had put an Island of Yaros in play, which allowed Arika and her friends to easily kill the Reanimated Corpse (of which Martin didn't have enough in play at the same time), but more importantly Arika was able to Banish an almost empty Baron. So Martin tried (and succeeded most of the time) to get the Edge, and bloated a bit with the help of Off-Kilter.
  • Martin V.'s choice of deck was a very solid Ventrue Obf Vote deck based on Arika (naturally). He was really sitting in a sweet spot, with very little pressure from behind, and prey that almost incapable of defending himself (at least if the action had at least +1 stealth). The only real problem Martin was having was time. It took him quite some time to move two vampires into the ready region, and his prey was (almost) as fast bloating as he was putting damage to him via bleeds or Parity Shift. Finally Martin managed to oust Thomas' Followers of Set deck.
About 30 minutes before the timeout, the table was down to a four player table (Thomas and Didi being ousted first). Ralf was ousted very soon after, which allowed Zille just the necessary pool cushion to save his 2 VPs into the timeout. When timeout finally came, Martin V.s turn had just started and he would have ousted Zille in the very same turn.

Result: Zille 2.5 VP & GW, Martin V. 1.5 VP, Martin E. 0.5 VP.

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