Sunday, June 26, 2011

Results Croatian EC Qualifier 2011

On June 25th, 2011 the Croatian VtES ECQ 2011 was held in Osijek, Croatia with 17 players attending the final tournament. The final standings after 3 rounds and the final were as follows:
1. Denes Kocis (CRO) -- Ventrue Lawfirm feat. Arika
2. Nikica Novakovic (SRB) -- Ventrue antitribu G3/4 Grinder
2. Milos Krstic (SRB) -- Nana Ashur/Ani Combat
2. Ivan Gudelj (CRO) -- Akunanse No Secrets
2. Roko Veic-Sukreski (CRO) -- Tremere antitribu Toolbox Ally
Congratulations to Denes for his win of the Croatian ECQ 2011. You can also find the tournament winning deck on


Karo said...

Sorry on the innconvenience, but Nikica and Milos are Serbian players not Hrv :) I forgot to write it down on the report.
I hope you don't mind, thanx :)

extrala said...

That's not a problem at all. Thanks for posting your comment!