Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Different Kind of Madness

As it has been noted on a few of days ago, there's currently an EBay auction going for the VtES card (two) Enkil Cog. And the price is rather high.

Nothing new, you may say, but if you look at the price you find it rather high. I mean, yes, the card is really good (for those playing vampires with capacity 10 and beyond), and yes it has is share in number of tournament winning decks (88 of them according to the Secret Library) ..

And yet the madness is the price. $449?? That's at least 4-5 higher than any single VtES card (I have heard of) has been sold for. And let's face it, VtES is not Magic the Gathering, where you can win at least some cash prizes in major tournaments.


Joscha said...

On the other hand offering is not selling. I don't think anyone really buys one at this price.

daem0nfaust said...

and I thought the $20 Path of Evil Revelations was high.

Damnans said...

Perhaps the seller wanted to type 49 instead of 449, and he accidentaly pressed 4 twice.

Zammael said...

Unfortunately not...

my Enkil Cogs are only ones on ebay, last another Enkil which I saw on ebay was sold in auction style for 89USD. Another cards which are sold in "auction style" from 1/5 to 1/3 than "buy it now" style. I don´t need money now, I can wait for right buyer :-)

If you are interesting then offer :-)

thanks, bye, Jiri

- bik_76"