Thursday, May 31, 2012

Announcement Asian Continental VtES Championship 2012

Details for the Asian Continental VtES Championship 2012 have been disclosed. The event will take place in Tokyo, Japan on September 22nd, 2012. Details for the tournament are as follows:
  • Location:
    Itabashi Greenhall
    板橋区役所 グリーンホール
    36-1 Sakaecho,
    Itabashi, Tokyo (map)
  • Format:
    • VtES Constructed tournament

  • Rounds:
    • 3 rounds (2 hours) + final (2.5 hours)

  • Time Table (tentative):
    9:00 -- Start Registration
    10:00 -- Start 1st Round
    01:00 -- Start 2nd Round
    03:30 -- Start 3rd Round
    06:00 -- Start Final
    All times are based on local time in Tokyo, Japan (UTC+9)
You can find the original announcement on Blood & Power Inc. (a VtES blog from Singapore).


Anonymous said...

Now that hunfragment is closed could you consider retake the deck of the month section?

extrala said...

Yes, most likely I will restart the Deck of the Month feature shortly.

Serazahr said...

Do you have to be qualified beforehand?
I'm there by coincidence.

extrala said...

I have no idea .. best go the Blood & Power, where the original announcement of the ACC was posted, and ask your question there.