Thursday, May 24, 2012

Game Shift

Game Shift
Political Action
Worth one vote.
Requires a titled Sabbat vampire.
Name two library cards in any player's ashheap. Successful referendum means that the first card costs one less blood or pool (but never less than 0) and that the second card costs one more blood (minion card) or pool (master card) to play.
Only one Game Shift can be played during a game.
"The Metagame always shifts" -- vtesocrates (American VtES Player).


extrala said...

The card is, of course, way to magic-esque.

Boris said...

There are already cards reduce the cost cards (Eye of Hazmiel, Ankara Citadel,Powerbase Tshwane,...) and cards that increase the cost of some cards (Narrow Minds, Slow Withering,...), so it doesn't look so off to me.