Friday, May 18, 2012

Did you know, that ... (Part 92)

.. a vampire who has played Skin of Night (at superior) and then is hit by aggravated damage, cannot play Soak to prevent it? The reason for this is, that the vampire only treats aggravated damage as normal (thanks to Skin of Night), but it is actually still aggravated damage for which Soak cannot be used to prevent it. The same principle applies to a number of other card combinations as well, e.g. Armor of Terra and Chaundice's ability to prevent damage, etc.


Anonymous said...

What about allies? Can my Reanimated Corpse Soak agg damage? I guess not, since rules say "Allies and retainers treat aggravated damage the same as normal damage." Doesn't change the fact that Soak can't prevent it?

extrala said...

I have the same impression. Treating aggravated damage as normal damage, doesn't change the fact that the damage is still aggravated.