Saturday, May 19, 2012

Did you know, that ... (Part 91) (Update)

.. you can play Disarm after inflicting damage with Outside of the Hourglass and then playing Strike: Combat Ends (proving the damage inflicted is higher than that of your opponent)? There are two rather peculiar things about this:
  1. The damage by Outside of the Hourglass is inflicted by the vampire using the card, which is a rare thing for card played before range is determined. Carrion Crows, Weather Control and the like all so-called environmental damage.

  2. After playing after Outside of the Hourglass, it doesn't matter if you played Strike: Combat Ends in the strike phase and don't inflict damage with that. Disarm does not require the vampire to inflict damage with a strike, only that the vampire inflicts damage himself (and not environmental damage).
On there was a lengthy discussion about, whether disarm can be played when the range was set to long after Outside of the Hourglass, has been played. But it was eventually clarified by the VEKN rules director, that Disarm (or Pulling Fangs) for that matter can only be played at close range.

The combination is strong, but far from unbeatable. The easiest defense against this, is just to maneuver to long range or to play damage prevention (requiring cards that are not limited to prevent damage from an opposing minion's strike).


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