Thursday, August 23, 2007

Drafting Priorities

Over my - admittedly short - VtES drafting experience I came up with the following priority list for drafting. Of course I adjust my behaviour to the expansions that are drafted. For example, 3rd Edition has an abundance of equipment to draft, so I lower the priority of drafting those.
  1. Pool Gain -- Tribute to the Master, Enchant Kindred, Kings Rising, Consanguineous Boon.
  2. Untap -- Zillahs Tears, On The Qui Vive, Danse Macabre.
  3. Permanents -- Combat Shotgun, Laptop Computer, Guardian Angel.
  4. Ousting -- Conditioning, Kindred Spirits.
  5. Stealth -- Lost in Crowds, Rapid Change.
  6. Intercept -- Enhanced Senses, Instinctive Reaction.
  7. Combat -- Pushing the Limits, Claws of the Dead.
In terms of drafting vampires I tend to draft small- to mid-cap vampires, since pool management is usually a problem (i.e. the ability to "recover" the blood from the vampires to your pool). But I pay special attention to the vampire's special abilities. "Malgorzata", being a 9-cap vampire, has a great special for draft -- being able to (indirectly) generate 4 pool with a built-in +1 stealth action.

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