Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Lords of the Night" Launch Event

On September 26th, 2007 White Wolf releases "Lords of the Nights", the next "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle" expansion. A launch event is held in Bochum on the following weekend, here are the details:

  • Sunday, 30 September 2007
  • Doors open 10:00 h (Pre-registration required)
  • Start draft 10:30 h
  • Start first round ca. 11:30 h
Round system
  • 3 rounds, no final (time limit: 2 h each)

The tournament uses a Pre-Release format like this:
  • each player randomly draws one starter deck
  • players are free to swap unopened starter decks amongst each other
  • everybody has 5 minutes to look through his or her starter
  • then we have a booster draft with 4 booster packs
  • players get 15 minutes to build a deck (min. 12 cards in crypt, 40 - 90 cards in library)
Entrance fee
  • ca. 10-12 €, to be confirmed - the costs for 1 starter, 4 booster packs & prize support

Please note: The location is a pub, so you may not bring your own food and drinks.

Please help us to order the right number of starters and boosters, and pre-register until September
7th via email to me or a post in the German VEKN web forum in this thread.

You can also view this information in german, on the german main VEKN page

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