Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rant: What's missing

One thing that Magic: the Gathering has that Vampire: the Eternal Struggle hasn't is it's strong internet presence, there are myriads of websites, blogs, forums, etc. and at the top of it is the official website of M:tG. Of course the M:tG staff and the number of players is (at least 100 times) larger than that of V:tES, but the differences are appalling. "" offers (among other things) daily articles like:
  • beginners articles ("Magic Academy")
  • advanced strategy articles
  • reports from R&D ("Making Magic")
  • tournament reports
  • extensive previews of new editions
The official website of V:tES offers in comparison
  • a forum
  • announcements that a new expansion will be released in the near future
  • previews that typically reveal a dozen out of 150 cards with no discussion of the cards or theme or anything
  • irregular news about the big tournaments, that is usually only the continental championships make it.
So what we need for V:tES (as one of pillars of the game) are more and stronger internet appearances of the game, like this blog (hopefully) or Sten During "EC 2007" blog. There were other attempts like the "Storage Annex" or the "VtES Intel" blog, but unfortunately they were rather short-living or are only updated very infrequently.

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