Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Skullclamp or "What can go wrong, will go wrong"

I just read a highly entertaining article that describes how the Magic: the Gathering R&D department (affectionately known in the V:tES scene as "The other game") missed the power of a particular card named "Skullclamp" in the "Darksteel" expansion until it was too late. The story about the card itself and its (ab)use didn't interest me that much. But the story on how R&D misjudged the power of the card, and when they saw it, it was already to late to recall the "Darksteel" expansion, and they still they hoped to the bitter end, that somehow the players will cope with problem, is quite amusing.

Favorite quote from the article "You outnumber us several million to under 20."

I am very fond of the fact, that V:tES only has once in a while a card that really needs banning for the sake of the game. Speaking of which "Heart of Nizchetus", released in 3rd Ed., is a card which is to good to be true. We were talking about the card briefly after last weeks league game, and we agreed that we would this card even if it would cost 3 pool and even if would cost one pool each turn (sort of upkeep) in addition.

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