Thursday, August 30, 2007

Preview for "Lords of the Night" has started

Finally the preview for the next VtES expansion "Lords of the Night" has begun. And it was about time, for about two weeks I've been checking the preview page two times daily. You can check the complete preview page at the White Wolf homepage here.

(c) 2007 by White Wolf Inc.The first preview card is the Setite vampire "Nakhthorheb". A hefty 10-cap without any out-of-clan disciplines or any title, but the special ability almost(?) makes it up for it. The untap once per minion phase is great, as well the ability to bypass minions with corruptions counters. So the combo goes: place "Corruption" on a minion, use "Forgotten Labyrinth" if necessary. Next, untap and go bleeding, oooh you cannot block anymore. Or even better than "Coruption", use the new "Revelation of Ecstasy" card (see card text below). Another combo would be playing "Legal Manipulations", and followed by an "Enticement". Only the +1 strength seems to be little off, I would have preferred a title (1 or 2 votes) instead.

Also the "Game Trade" magazine has featured a preview article with some new information, at least more realible than that from the french "Mana Rouge" magazine some weeks ago.
Izhim abd Azrael [LotN:V]
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Assamite
Group: 5
Capacity: 9
Discipline: pot CEL QUI OBF THA
Sabbat. Seraph, Black Hand: Cards that require Quietus cost Izhim 1 less blood. Weapons cost him 1 less pool or blood. (The blood curse does not affect Izhim.)
Artist: Torsten Nordstrand

Brute Force [LotN:C]
Cardtype: Combat
Discipline: Potence
Do not replace until after combat
[pot] Strike: make a hand strike at +1 damage or a melee weapon strike at +2 damage.
[POT] Strike: make a hand strike at +2 damage or a melee weapon strike at +3 damage.
Flavour text: "The best way out is always through" Robert Frost, "A Servant to Servants"
Artist: Brian Leblanc

Revelation of Ecstasy [LotN:X]
Cardtype: Action
Discipline: Serpentis
+1 stealth action
[ser] (D) Tap one of your prey's ready minions.
[SER] As above, and place a corruption counter on that minion. If the number of your corruption counters on the minion equals or exceeds his or her capacity or cost, you may burn those counters to take control of him or her.
Artist: Jon DiBartolo

Reckless Agitation [LotN:X]
Cardtype: Political Action
Cost: 2 blood
Requires independent vampire with capacity above 4.
Allocate 6 points amont two or more other Methuselahs. Successful referendum means each Methuselah burns 1 pool for each point assigned.
Artist: Brian LeBlanc

False Resonance [LotN:X]
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Cost: 1 blood
Discipline: Chimerstry
[chi] Cancel a reaction card that requires Auspex or Dementation as it is played (no cost is paid).
[CHI] +1 stealth, and once this action, this vampire can burn 1 blood to use the "" effect above.
Artist: Alexander Dunnigan

Khazar's Diary (Endless Night) [LotN:X]
Cardtype: Action
Clan: Giovanni
+1 stealth action.
Put the Diary in play, or add a counter to one in play. When a unique minion in play is burned, add another counter. While this card has seven or more counters, Giovanni get NEC and may take a +1 stealth action to put a minion from any ash heap into play to represent a wraith ally with 2 life, 0 strength, 1 bleed and +1 stealth.
DRAFT: [nec] Hunt for +2 blood.
Artist: John Bridges

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