Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Top 5 Vampires w/ Special Advantages

Here's my personal list of the top five vampires with special abilities. Ok, I excluded those vampires who share their ability with other vampires (i.e. Beast) or those with generic ones (i.e. Suzanne Kadim).

  1. Arika -- still "The Threat" if she hits the table, o.k. her special ability isn't usually the reason why you put her in your deck, but the overall package with the disciplines, bleed modifier and votes is just great.
  2. Anson -- not so often seen in the past year, but the two master phases are still to good to be true. Nearly as good is "Cybele".
  3. Henry Taylor -- my personal nemesis; when playing in our local V:tES league you always have to keep in mind "What do I do if my prey/predator is playing Henry and he has +2 intercept?", since Henry is a personal favorite of one of our regular players.
  4. Anneke/Maris Streck -- you can block anyone at the table (Anneke) or you can give someone enough intercept to block (Maris) and they both are Justicars ... good money for a good investment!
  5. Greta Kircher -- still one of the best special abilities against all those weenie and ally decks. Just needs her Rack (as Maris does).

Honorable mentions: Cailean (the horror of short range combat), Helena (she's sooo cheap), Francois Villon (le bastard of weenie decks), Goratrix (great w/ Blur: "I steal 6 blood from you"), Malgorzata (pool gain machine), Valerius Major (you only think you have stealth), Antonio D'Erlette (who's blocking my recruits?) and I am sure you have also your own favorites.

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Azrael said...

One of my Vavorite Vampires:

Eze, The Demon Prince, 11,
Guruhi, 3, [LoB]

Laibon Magaji: Eze gets one additional vote. Once each turn, when Eze succesfully performs a non-hunt action, he untaps after resolving the action.

Give him a Seal of Veddartha and he ist God.