Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Ebony Kingdom" Spoilers #2

The online magazine "Eye of the Vortex" features a preview article of the up and coming VtES expansion "Ebony Kingdom" in its May issue. The article contains two new cards from the expansion, which were previously not known.
#06: Despiral [EK:C]
Clan: Ishtarri
Cost: 1 Blood
+1 stealth action.
Put this card on this Ishtarri and put 1 counter on this card. This Ishtarri get +X bleed, where X is the number of counter son this card. This Ishtarri can add a counter to this card as a +1 stealth action that costs X blood.
[Draft]: Put this card on this Laibon and untap him or her. This card counts as an Aye and an Orun, even when on in play.

#09: Lucian, the Perfect [EK:V]
Clan: Guruhi
Group: 4
Capacity: 11
Laibon: Strikes against Lucian cost and additional blood or life. A minion opposing Lucian may choose not to strike. +3 bleed.

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