Thursday, May 7, 2009

Munich VtES Playgroup 2009: May 6th

This week I was in Munich, Germany, and joined the local playgroup for two intense rounds of VtES. Here are the pictures of the decks played during the evening:

Left: Peter played a hybrid Malkavian G4/5 bleed/vote deck with rather small vampires.

Right: A Ravnos Stealth & Bleed was piloted by Markus. The deck had some rather toolboxy additions like "Edged Illusions".

Left: Robert fielded a Bruise/Bleed Tzimisce deck with Chiropteran Marauder/Quick Jab as main combat combo.
Right: A rather straigthforward Weenie Dragon Breath Rounds/Graverobbing deck played by Ralf.

Result: Robert GW 3 VP, Peter 1 VP

Left: Another Tzimisce Combat deck, this time more heavily based on War Ghouls, was played by Peter.
Right: Markus had big problems getting into the game with his Bruise & Bleed deck based on the Guruhi clan.

Left: Robert's Jyhad only Aus/Cel Gun deck. At that point all of this vampires where in torpor.

Right: Fighting with different weapons, Ralf's deck featured an Aus/Obf/Cel crypt with Improvised Flamethrowers.

Result: Peter GW 3 VP, Robert 1 VP

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