Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Deck ...

This epic exchange of posts took place during March/April 2009 in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup. To preserve the mighty battle of words, here's the digest of it:

Your deck sucks -- by Cthulhukitty
You heard me. It sucks. I don't care what silly trick you think it can do, or how much card cycling and Dominate you have tacked onto it. Maybe you've played it a few times and got some VPs. Maybe you even won a game. I don't care. All the decks you were playing against sucked too. I hate you.

Just a friendly reminder.
Reference: Usenet Newsgroup Thread #1

Your deck is awesome -- by Jozxyqk
You heard me. It rocks. I don't care how many Up Yours and Deadliest Sin are in it, or how you're violating the Grouping Rule by using Nakova and Rico Loco together. Maybe you've played it a few times and gotten ousted before your predator's second turn. Maybe you even finished your burrito before the game ended.

I don't care. All the decks you were playing against were just as great as yours. I love you.

Just a friendly reminder.
Reference: Usenet Newsgroup Thread #2

Your deck is a metaphorical reflection of your personal inadequacies -- by Mongrel
Despite your claims of "it's just a game", your selection of crypt and library cards in your VTES deck actually embodies the personal inadequacies that you are attempting to escape via the fantasy of gaming. Often, your choice of combat cards is an expression of your desire to physically overwhelm people in ways that are socially unacceptable and personally impossible (especially given your meager physique). Other times, you choose to use political and social manipulation powers which are a reflection of your deep social flaws and inability to influence other people.

Maybe you got some vp's with your deck. Maybe you won some games, or perhaps a tournament. The more your deck succeeds in VTES, the more you convince yourself you've been absolved of your personal failures. It's all just a coping mechanism for your defeat in the game of life.

Reference: Usenet Newsgroup Thread #3

Your ghastly, blasphemous deck! -- by Professor Whateley
You have heard the piping in the distance? IT... sucks! I care not what frivolities your deck dwells upon, nor on the most ephemeral of banalities of card cycling and dominate you submerge yourself in to hide from the cyclopean cosmic truths! Mayhap you've learn things best left unknown and in your brief time on this orb earned knowledge of forbidden VPs. Mayhap you've even won small victories against horror. The Great Old Ones care not!
All the decks you have labored to produce pale into insignificance with the alignment of the stars! Your end is nigh!

Just a Lovecraftian reminder,
Professor Whateley, Arkham
Reference: Usenet Newsgroup Thread #4

Your deck isn't original -- by Orpheus
Let's face it. What you're doing has been done before. Lots of time. Sure, you've changed a few cards from the tournament winning archetype, or from the strange abstract concept you found on the net, a vampire here, a master there. So what? It's still exactly the same. Same concept, same tactics, same results. And it's only a slight variations from decks you've played yourself a zillion times already.Shame on you.

Mean Orpheus
Reference: Usenet Newsgroup Thread #5

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