Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gaining Vampiric Disciplines

In VtES besides the well-known Master: Discipline cards (currently 18 of them) there are several ways of gaining disciplines with the help of library cards, most of them are unique equipments which grant the superior version of a particular discipline:
Other ways of gaining disciplines include:
  • Agent of Power -- one level of any discipline for a turn.
  • Bestow Vigor -- basic Fortitude for a minion (not for vampires only!).
  • Blooding by the Code -- one level of Valeren for a Salubri antitribu.
  • Camarilla Vitae Slave -- one discipline at superior for a Lasombra (he already posesses) with this retainer; can be changed during each controller's master phase.
  • Cloak of Blood -- one level of a discipline a diablerized vampire had for the diablerist.
  • Dive into Madness -- superior Dementation for one turn.
  • Feral Spirit -- one level of Spiritus to a Gangrel (and making him/her an Ahrimane)
  • Haven Affinity -- all disciplines at superior for a Tzimisce for the combat after a successful block.
  • Infernal Familiar -- a number of uses (=max. capacity of the vampire) for any discipline at basic level .
  • Proxy Kissed -- one level of Potence and one level of Fortitude for a Giovanni.
  • Infernal Pact -- any discipline at superior (for Tremere antitribu).
  • Sanguine Instruction -- any discipline that another clan member has (at basic if the recipient didn't had the discipline before; at superior otherwise).
  • Shared Strength -- basic/superior Fortitude for a vampire in combat.
  • Sponteaneous Power -- one level of any discipline.
  • Treaty of Laibach -- one level of Thaumaturgy equal to their Serpentis for every Follower of Set, and one level of Serpentis equal to their Thaumaturgy for every Tremere.
  • Trophy: Discipline -- any discipline at superior after burning a Red List minion.


Cantila said...

"Sponteaneous Power -- two levels of any discipline"

This is incorrect, ylu gain one level of any dicipline.

KeYeR said...

only one level unfortunatly

extrala said...

Corrected. ;)

Anonymous said...

Haven affinity turns every disciplines into superior, not only vicissitude.

Jozxyqk said...

How could you possibly forget Cloak of Blood?

"Diablerize a vampire in torpor, and this vampire may gain one level of a Discipline the victim had. In the resulting blood hunt referendum, this vampire gets an additional 2 votes."

* Merging (for some vampires)
* Paying 4 transfers for Aimee Leroux to gain Melpominee

extrala said...

More errors .. I see .. just keep 'em coming ..

Anonymous said...

More accurate (or in addition) to equipment to give thaumaturgy would be the Veneficorum Artum Sanguis.

Thanks for a great blog. :)

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Feral Spirit?

hexmark said...

Good list, still needs:

Blooding by the Code - 1 level of Valeren for a !Salubri

Camarilla Vitae Slave - 1 basic discipline at superior for the Lasombra with this retainer

Dive into Madness - superior dementation for a turn

Proxy Kissed - 1 level of potence, and 1 level of fortitude for a Giovanni


Treaty of Laibach - a level of thaumaturgy equal to their serpentis for every Follower of Set, and a level of serpentis equal to their thaumaturgy for every Tremere

extrala said...

I give up .. either I don't make any list in the future, or I make only very simple lists.