Friday, September 24, 2010

VtES North American Championship Qualifiers 2010 (Update)

Here's a list of the upcoming continental championship qualifier events for VtES taking place in North America in 2010, mostly taken from the WW event calendar:
  • No more events scheduled ..
And the list for the NACQs already played:
All this culminating in the North American VtES Championship 2010: You can also find a list of qualifier/championship events on White Wolf's VtES Championship webpage.


TorranceCircle said...

Anyone from Europe going to be in Las Vegas?


mongrel said...

I haven't finished the complete tournament report for the TempleCon qualifier, but here's the info:

Qualifiers (top 5 of 20 players):
John Eno - Winner
Ben Peal
Scott Gomes
Jesse Cross-Nickerson
Anthony Luneau
Matt Hirsch - Organizer

-Matt H.